Hi! I’m Jess.

photo by Wallflower Studios

Hey friends! I am a Chicago-based Singer/Songwriter/Actor/Teacher/DIY Music Video Maker. I love to read. I love hikes and all things nature. As an introvert, I constantly have to remind myself that I also love people :). I’m constantly creating, constantly looking for different ways to tell my personal experiences through music and stories, and so, so passionate about helping others tell their stories as well.

I’ve written a ton of music (see Jess Godwin on iTunes and Spotify) and made more homemade music videos in my bedroom than I can count!

On any given day, I’m crafting one take music videos, teaching private songwriting lessons (contact me for more info!), writing custom wedding songs, or working on shame resilience with middle school and high school students. To find out more about what I do, check out the menu!

I’m currently in process. I’ve got a lot to share with you, but I wanna share it when I’m ready and when it’s right! In the meantime, I’ll be in the flesh and blood this next month with an upcoming show. I’d love to see you there!

Jess Godwin: Andersonville Midsommarfest June 9


P.S. I have a patreon!!! I’m saving up for a video set for a series this summer so every little bit helps! you can find more info here: http://www.patreon.com/godwinmuses