Nobody But You

Live electronic looping and soulful piano come together in this upbeat performance that empowers students to accomplish anything themselves! A Chicago-based songwriter who’s music has been licensed on Dance Moms, Jess Godwin’s powerful, relatable, laugh-out-loud journey to becoming a self-made artist teaches students that they don’t need to wait around to create – the technology is right at their fingertips. Selected students will be invited on stage to build the world premiere of their own songs! This Fall, Nobody But You reached 40 schools and over 15,000 students in the Dayton, OH area.

“Jess Godwin was the best representation of Muse in Education I have ever seen”

“…a great conversation starting point. The music and subjects were relevant, timely, and engaging to all students”

“she changed my perspective on a lot of things!”

“it’s really cool that she shares the kind of stuff not many people share and wasn’t afraid to tell us”

In addition to Nobody But You, Jess Godwin also offers The Shameless Workshop, a smaller, more personalized experience for groups of 5-35:

What is a Shameless workshop?​​
Shameless workshops are fast-paced, upbeat, sometimes silly, incredibly powerful, and just plain fun. Shameless helps young people deal positively with their difficult emotions. Students engage in songwriting to process their feelings of shame and inadequacy – universal emotions that we all experience – that are too often silenced.

​Why is Shameless so needed?​​
Through the exciting process of songwriting, Shamelessworkshops confront ‘personal silencing’ and prevent the quiet suffering that leads to self-harm and bullying. Young people are able to put into song what they are often unable to speak.

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